Discover How to Preserve the Life Story of You or Your Loved One

A Life Well Lived Doesn't Have to End There...

The passing of a loved one marks the completion of a life well lived, but there's no reason that your loved one's life story has to end there.

As life story guardians, we help you capture and preserve the essence of your loved one's life. This ensures that the legacy of your loved one will continue forever in the hearts and minds of family and friends who gather to celebrate a treasured life!

You, too, can preserve your own life story and the way you want to be remembered by pre-planning your own life celebration. You planned for your wedding, you planned for the birth of your children and all the other important life events. It's just as important for you to plan for your final and everlasting event so it's everything you want it to be.

How We Preserve Your Loved One's Life Story

Losing a spouse or another person close to you can be a devastating and completely overwhelming event. Yet, despite the incredible loss, it is also a time to celebrate a life of someone who is near and dear to your heart, and whose life has enriched so many others.

At Lakeside Memorial Funeral Home, we will care for your loved one as if they were our own family member. It is our mission to provide the most compassionate care before, during, and after your loved one's life celebration. We want to make this day one you will cherish as it represents the special life you shared with your loved one, and with it, the memories you will remember for a lifetime.

Here's how we will preserve your loved one's life story and help you navigate this sacred journey:

Planning a Life Celebration That's Unique to Your Loved One

It's extremely difficult having to cope with your grief while determining the right type of ceremony for your loved one. Rest assured, we will guide you through your options, helping you select a service that is as unique as your loved one was in life.

We will offer you a variety of ways to bring your family and friends together in a day of celebration and healing that will honor the life that was so important to you. Whether you want a more traditional service, a military sendoff, a specialty ride in our Harley Hearse, or a non-traditional service in a park or garden, we will help you design a day that truly represents your loved one's unique personality and interests.

Click here to view the specific options we can offer you to create a memorable service for your loved one.

Ensuring Your Own Celebration is Everything You Want it to Be

Have you ever considered what it would be like to plan for your own funeral in just 3 most families have to do? They would need to determine what type of service you would want, unsure of who to turn to to guide them through the process, and many times simply not have the financial resources to even pay for your funeral.

Well it doesn't have to be that way when you pre-plan your own life celebration.

You can be assured we will help make the process as easy as possible for you, explaining all of your options and helping you clarify exactly what you want so you are confident of your decisions. Once the arrangements are made, you'll feel relieved knowing it's all taken care of...just the way you want it! And you've taken this burden off of your family so they will be able to take care of themselves at this very difficult time.

Click here to set up a time to speak to one of our Pre-planning Counselors. There's no charge or obligation on your part.

Helping You Navigate Your Grief and Move on to Recovery and Healing

Part of our mission as Funeral Directors is to help you navigate the process of grieving so you can move towards acceptance and healing. To help do that, we've created a Silver Linings Program to help you manage the emotional issues related to grief, provide practical self-care and home-care resources, and introduce you to others who have experienced your same type of loss.

In addition, we also hold special events during the year to help bring closure and healing. Our goal is to keep you connected with a community of people who will share your grief and help you get back to living a more normal life.

Compassionate Care Coordinator

As part of our services, you'll be assigned a Compassionate Care Coordinator who will be there for you in times of need. After the funeral, she will meet with you to bring you any items you need from the funeral and to provide resources to help you cope during this extremely difficult time. She is there for you to talk to, share your feelings and issues, and help point you in the right direction when you need additional help.

Celebration Café Coffee Hours

Every week, alternating between locations, we hold a coffee hour from 11:00 am to 12:00 noon, and serve pastries, tea, and coffee. One of our Compassionate Care Coordinators leads the group with a theme for the day and will invite open discussion. You'll be able to ask questions, share thoughts and experiences, offer help to others in need, and just enjoy the company of people who are going through the same experiences as you are.

Grief Recovery Books

During the year, we'll be sending you several grief recovery books. These books will explain the peaks and valleys that occur during the grieving and recovery process. We hope that these books will help you as you work to normalizing your life and start creating new memories to fill the empty space from the passing of your loved one.

Silver Linings Events

Periodically throughout the year we hold some special events that provide hope and healing for family members and friends who are going through the process of healing. They include a Butterfly Release, Holistic Health Fair, Holiday Event, and a Valentine's Day Dinner, and you're welcome to join these events.

Click here to learn more about our Silver Linings Program and for a list of upcoming events. Once you become a member of our Silver Linings Program, you'll receive a formal invitation to each event once the registration opens.

Gone with the Wind
Yet Remembered Forever!

A family came to us to arrange their mother's funeral, and as we do for every funeral, we asked the daughter to tell us about her mother and what made her unique and special.

The daughter told us that her mother loved jigsaw puzzles, and was an avid fan of the movie, "Gone with the Wind."

To help convey the life story of this beautiful woman, we found a jigsaw puzzle with a picture from the movie, "Gone with the Wind." During the ceremony, people were given a piece of the puzzle, so that they had a memento of this wonderful woman to take home and to remember the amazing life she lived.

At the end of the ceremony, the daughter asked if she could have all of the remaining pieces to the puzzle. When we asked her what she was going to do with them, since many of the pieces were missing, she said, "I'm going to put together the remaining pieces of the puzzle and frame it. The missing pieces will remind me of all of the people who were touched by my mother's life. It will comfort me knowing how many people were a part of my mother's life and how much she enriched their own lives."

Blow Your Whistle to
Honor a Fallen Police Officer

After arranging funerals for many years, there are some that really stand out because we were able to truly help the family get through a devastating loss and help them move beyond their grief to acceptance and healing.

One funeral that really stands out was for a respected police officer who worked at a local prison. He was also a beloved football coach and an upstanding citizen of the community. His death was sudden, totally unexpected, and a complete shock to his family and friends.

We truly wanted to make a difference for his funeral and honor an important part of his life story...his years of commitment to his community, his family, and his many friends. So as a special memento of his life serving the community, we decided to give everyone at the service a police whistle.

At the end of the ceremony, we asked everyone to stand up and blow their whistle to honor his memory just the way he honored his community in life. It was a very touching moment, and one that will be remembered forever.

But the story doesn't end there. When I spoke to his wife several months later, I asked her how she was doing emotionally. She told me that waking up each morning was a difficult time for her without her husband by her side, but she was discovering ways to cope. She told me that she keeps the police whistle from her husband’s funeral on her night stand and each morning when she wakes, she blows the whistle and that makes her feel a little better knowing that his spirit is listening and smiling down on her from above.

"This is the essence of our mission: To offer our families a way to honor and preserve the amazing story of their loved one's lives. These kinds of experiences are what make our job as funeral directors rewarding knowing that we have truly made an impact on our families by helping to ease their burden during this very difficult time."

Charles A. Castiglia
Life Story Guardian
Owner and Licensed Funeral Director