How We Go Above and Beyond to Make Your Celebration Special

At Lakeside Memorial Funeral Home, we are there for our families to find the types
of resources that will meet their needs. Below you'll see a variety of special services that can
be incorporated into your loved one's funeral to make it memorable and unique.

Food and Refreshments Onsite

Family and Friends Can Join Together in the Celebration Café

We now offer families the use of our Celebration Café to offer a sense of home to your service and allows you to serve refreshments before, during, or after the ceremony.

This makes it so much easier to for family and friends to gather to enjoy each other's company while enjoying some refreshments before and after the service.

Treasured Giveaway and Keepsake

Make the Day Memorable with a Treasured Keepsake for Guests

You can make the day memorable by providing guests with a relevant keepsake they can take home in remembrance of their loved one. There are a variety of options to choose from and we can help you determine what is perfect to represent the life of your loved one.

It's a special way to share a memento of this special person to those people who come to pay their respects.

White Dove Release

Let Your Loved One's Soul Soar on the Wings of Doves

One of the great ways to honor your loved one is to do a release of white doves. This is a symbol of peace, hope, and love, but its most significant symbol is of the Holy Spirit. It is the ultimate, hopeful tribute to send off your loved one on the wings of doves.

We started releasing white doves at our funerals over 15 years ago and it is still very popular. We even arranged the dove release for the world famous actress/singer Aaliyah.

Our dove release companies spend innumerable hours training, vaccinating, and caring for their white homing pigeons so it is an extremely humane service. Because of their concern for the welfare of the pigeons, whey will not release them in inclement weather, which would reduce their ability to get home.

Tribute Videos and Slide Shows

Create a Video Tribute with Treasured Memories of Your Loved One

We've been offering video tributes and slide shows since 1989. We offer our families the ability to place pictures on our website for family and friends to view in remembrance of their loves ones.

The tribute is then burned to a DVD, which is given to the family to keep, and played on the televisions that are mounted from the ceiling in each visitation room.


Online Streaming Service

Stream Your Loved One's Service for People to View Online

Lakeside Memorial is the first funeral home in Western New York to do online streaming of your loved one's funeral service.

This capability is so important for people who can't make the service in person, especially for military personnel such as grandchildren in the military who are not allowed to take time off to come home for the funeral. They now are able to access the funeral service online from anywhere they are stationed or deployed. The individual page they can access is private and only available to those you allow access to.

"I wished that I had the opportunity to view my father's funeral one more time," Charles Castiglia said. "I was so emotional at that moment, that I barely remember what was said about my dad at the funeral mass."

Click here to discover how we serve our veterans, military personnel and their families. 


Custom Music Selections

Play the Music Your Loved One Listened to and Enjoyed

Did your loved one listen to a special type of music that represented his or her life? We have a state-of-the-art audio system that allows us to customize the music that's played during visitation and other times during the services.

We can also provide music at the cemetery or a personal song if the family has one they'd like to use.

Memorial Tribute Candles

Create a Personalized Candle that Will Burn in Your Heart

Lakeside Memorial Funeral Home created our first memorial candle 20 years ago. We have refined and upgraded them over the years, so they are a lasting tribute to a lost loved one. These candles can be burned over and over again since they use a candle insert similar to the votive candles used by the Catholic Church.

We provide selections of several backgrounds and poems which are included with the picture, name, and dates of your loved one.

Click here to order personalized tribute candles.


Memory Website and Online Memory Book

Create a Personalized Website and Memory Book

We also offer families an online memory website where they can post pictures and information about their loved one. This is a great way to providing information to friends and family who will be attending visitations and the funeral and need to know the specifics of when and where the funeral will be.

It's also a great way to truly represent the life of the individual and where people can also post their sympathy for the family.