Important Letter to Our Valued Families and Guests

At Lakeside Memorial Funeral Home, we recognize that amid this pandemic, we all have fears and concerns for the safety of our families and loved ones. Unfortunately, death and grief do not pause during a crisis. To that end, our firm cares about your safety, and we are taking every precaution to create a safe environment for you to honor those you have lost.

Per the new guidelines issued by New York State and Erie County issued November 22, 2021, and in accordance with recommendations by the Center for Disease Control, we have instituted the following changes:

All guests must wear a facial covering regardless of vaccination status while within the funeral home. 

Hand sanitizer stations will still be available, and increased sanitation and cleaning will continue. Food served in the funeral home must still be provided by facilities certified by the Erie County Health Department, and must be individually wrapped for serving. 

We are no longer requiring screening and contact tracing to attend services in our facilities. 

We will continue to offer alternative options as we always have including the use of telephone or video conferencing for making funeral arrangements and streaming services for funerals.

Our coffee hour is back! Please feel free to join us 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month at our Hamburg location and 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month at our West Seneca location. Groups begin at 11 AM. refreshments are served. These offer opportunities to sit and talk with others who have experienced loss so we can all help one another navigate our grief experiences.

Please be aware that under the current rules, each business has the right to make their own decisions on many things, including mask requirements and capacity restrictions, based on what they feel is best for their staff, their patrons, and their business. Our rules may vary from any churches, cemeteries, restaurant facilities, or other businesses that you may decide to patronize as part of your funeral planning process. If you have questions about their rules, please contact them directly. 

We are available 24/7 to answer any questions and concerns you may have, and will continue to monitor state regulations, county guidance, and CDC updates. As the weather improves and events start taking place again, we hope that you continue to be safe and healthy while enjoying the many things we all missed this last year.


The Lakeside Team

Resources for Those Struggling due to the Pandemic

New York State has created several programs in order to assist those facing financial, emotional, and other hardships due to the pandemic. Project Hope offers a free and confidential emotional support line that is available 24/7. Their website provides tips on coping with the stress of loss, whether it is the loss of a loved one, a job, or just the normalcy we once took for granted. Information about resources available to assist with financial hardship, suicide prevention, substance abuse, domestic violence can also be found here. The New York State Office of Mental Health also provides resources for finding mental health programs, emotional support lines, grief support, specialized support for front-line workers, and stress management tips. Their Coping Circles offer free virtual or telephone-based peer support groups facilitated by mental health professionals. 

Everyone’s life is a precious gift. Though the loss can be devastating to you and your family, the memory of your loved one lives on in your heart and in the experiences you’ve shared with this unique and special person.

Rather than mourn your loved one's death, capture the story of his or her life in a special remembrance celebration that brings meaning to the life he or she lived and comfort to the people who were an integral part of that life story. This special mark of respect will help ease the grief you share with friends and family who gather to celebrate your loved one’s eternal day of remembrance.

A Place for Compassionate Healing

At Lakeside Memorial Funeral Home, our mission is to help you move beyond grief into acceptance and healing. We do that by taking care of you and your family as you navigate the many challenges of this difficult time.

We are available to help you through the process, handling all the necessary details, guiding you in the decisions you need to make, and providing the special and unique touches that ensure that the life story of your loved one is preserved for all eternity.

If you’ve experienced a death of a loved one, call us at any time, day or night, and we’ll help you step  by step along the way!