Helping You Decide What's Right for You

When planning any funeral, there are many decisions you will need to make.
And we're here to help you navigate that process as easily and painlessly as possible.
Depending on burial or cremation, you'll select the type of casket, vault, or urn to fit your particular need.
At Lakeside Memorial Funeral Home, our wide selection of funeral items will fit your needs and your budget.

Traditional Caskets

Steel Casket

We offer a large selection of traditional, personalized, and enhanced caskets.
We've chosen all of our caskets so that we can provide our families with a wide range of products that meet both the need for quality and durability, as well as affordability and cost-effectiveness for the families we serve.

If you are looking for a specific type of casket or manufacturer's model, please let us know and we'll make every effort possible to accommodate your wishes.

Cremation Caskets

Solid Wooden Casket

Even if you choose cremation, you'll need a cremation casket, which is required to hold the physical body prior to cremation. The cremation casket is usually simpler than the traditional casket. It will be used for cremation and for a private viewing before the cremation takes place. You can choose from a variety of hardwood caskets depending on your particular needs and budget requirements.


Funeral Vaults

Many cemeteries require that caskets which are buried are placed in a burial vault that is capable of withstanding the weight and pressure of the surrounding environment. We provide a variety of vaults and other outer burial containers, including the traditional concrete burial vaults, as well as a selection of air-sealed metal vaults. These vaults ensure the integrity of the casket and provide peace of mind for family members.



When you choose cremation, memorial urns serve as the container for the cremated remains. We offer a wide range of styles and prices appropriate for burial, scattering, or placement in a niche at home or in a special location. It serves as a keepsake that you can keep close as hand. Depending on your final placement of the urn, this can be a factor in the type of urn you choose. Some are very basic and others are ornately designed for display purposes. Many of the urns can also be personalized with engravings or laser designs.


Urn Vaults

In many cases, when families desire to bury the urn-encapsulated remains of their loved one, many cemeteries will require the use of an urn vault. Urn Vaults are protective containers in which urns are commonly placed. Much like burial vaults for caskets, urn vaults protect the urn from being crushed, and protect the ground above them from caving in over time.

To determine specific selections, contact one of our Funeral Directors who can guide you through the process.