​Cremation Funeral Caskets

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Casket Price List These prices are Effective 10/3/2016

Solid Wooden Casket

York Casket


Cherry Veneer With Plush Ivory Velvet Interior - 71064136

Solid Wooden Casket

Caswell Casket


Pecan Hardwood With Ivory Velvet Interior - 71064134

Solid Wooden Casket

Montana Casket


Oak veneer With Rosetone Crepe Interior - 71064138

Solid Wooden Casket

Even Tide Casket


Popular veneer With Rosetone Crepe Interior - 71009053

Wooden Casket

Walden Casket


Carte Veneer With Rosetone Crepe Interior - 70000878

Solid Wooden Casket

Shellbrook Casket


Laminated Cherry Finish with Rosetan Crepe Interior - 70000869

Solid Wooden Casket

Longley Casket


Fiberwood with Blue Crepe Interior - 70000653

Solid Wooden Casket

Norfolk Casket


Fiberwood with Ivory Crepe Interior - 70000655

Cremation Casket

Fiera Casket


Cardboard with Blue Crepe Interior - 5805392

Solid Wooden Casket

Norwood Casket


This rental casket from Matthews Casket Co. includes a new insert for each client lined with rosetan crepe.

Cremation Container

Sebring Casket


Cloth Covered Cardboard with Ivory Crepe Interior - 70000657

Coverlet Container


Basic corrugated fiberboard container designed for final farewell and direct cremation.

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