Offering a Celebrant Service for Your Loved One

One of our Celebrants Can Lead Your Memorial Service

Leading Your Ceremony to Make it Memorable

If you don't have a member of the clergy to lead your ceremony and you'd rather not have one of your family members lead the service, then we can provide you with a certified celebrant to officiate your service.

All of our Funeral Directors are Certified Celebrants and are experienced in creating a heart-warming and memorable service for your loved one. They have been trained and certified to meet your needs by creating a funeral service, memorial service, or tribute that is personalized and individualized to reflect the unique personality and lifestyle of the deceased.

Our Funeral celebrants are ceremony specialists who are committed to creating and delivering high-quality funeral ceremonies using stories, memories, music, quotations and individualized tributes. We work closely with you to ensure the ceremony truly reflects the qualities of the individual being honored and the richness of memories of their lifetime.

A personal keepsake reflecting that individual's likes, hobby or passion will be shared for those who come to join together in support at the service.

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