Seriously...Would You Plan Any Truly Memorable Event in Just 3 Days?

Your Wedding Wasn't Planned in 3 Days...

Your Child's Birth Wasn't Planned in 3 Days...

Why Plan Your Funeral in Just 3 Days?

Death is certain, but the date of your death isn't. That's why planning ahead is so important so that your loved ones are prepared when the unexpected does happen, and so they're able to focus on supporting each other instead of worrying about the details of the event.

At Lakeside Memorial, we truly understand that death is something you'd rather not think about, much less talk about. Yet would you really want to leave the burden of your arrangements to your spouse, to your children, or to another family member? 

You were there to plan the happy occasions...your wedding, the birth of your children, and all the other important milestones in your life. Why not take the time now to plan for your final and certain event?

You can be assured we will help make the process as easy as possible, explaining all of your options and helping you clarify exactly what you want so you are confident of your decisions. Once you have made all of your arrangements, you'll feel relieved knowing it's all taken care of...just the way you want it!

Don't wait until it's too late. Simply click on the link below to speak to one of our Preplanning Counselors. There's no charge or obligation on your part.

Here are the Top 10 Reasons Why Planning Ahead is So Important!

1.  Lets your family know exactly the way you want to be remembered

2.  Allows your family to grieve without having to deal with planning this day

3.  Removes any additional or unexpected financial burden on your family

4.  Instills confidence knowing you will be in the care of a funeral director with whom you trust

5.  Ensures that your funds are completely secure and is transferable in case you relocate

6.  Offers relief in knowing the funeral service is exactly what you want it to be

7.  Protect your assets so they can't be included as part of the SSI/Medicaid spend down

8.  Eliminates disagreements or indecision among your family members about what to do

9.  Becomes part of your normal estate or personal planning

10. Offers you peace of mind that your last and final event will be everything YOU want it to be!

How Preplanning Works

  • Purchaser selects desired services and merchandise while reviewing the General Price List.
  • Funeral director prepares a fully itemized statement and preneed agreement.
  • Both the funeral director and Purchaser sign the documents.
  • Purchaser submits a check for the cost of the funeral made payable to the funeral trust program. If cash is remitted, the Purchaser should obtain a cash receipt at the time of the transaction.

  • Purchaser receives copies of all signed documents and a General Price List for retention.
  • Within ten days, the funeral director forwards the funds to the funeral trust program. Our firm uses New York PREPLAN - the most secure program in the nation.
  • Within 30 days, the Purchaser should receive acknowledgment in the mail indicating that their funds have been deposited.
  • Funds are paid directly to the funeral director once the funeral services have been provided.