Death Certificates

A Certified Death Certificate is necessary before anything can be done.  A death certificate can be obtained through a Funeral Director.  It is a good idea to obtain multiple copies of a death certificate as most agencies require a certified certificate and not a photocopy.

Grief Support
3D Cremation Urns
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  • Have you recently experienced the loss of a loved one?

  • Are you feeling alone and wondering what you should do?

  • Do you find yourself asking, is this normal?

We understand that you may feel alone when dealing with Grief, and we want to provide you a library of information to help you at your time of need.

Also to let you know your not alone to deal with your loss.

Contact us anytime.

Lakeside Memorial Funeral Home is proud to offer unique 3D Cremation Urns.

Available in 3 sizes:

  • Adult
  • Youth
  • Keepsake size

Are you looking to have that unique Urn of your loved one created of their favorite item? All we need is a photograph to get started, and Eturnal Memorials will design a custom Cremation Urn just for you.

Learn more about 3D Custom Urns

We take a lot of pride in our Funeral Home. From the exterior to the interior we would love for you to take a Virtual Tour through our facilities.

We want you to feel as comfortable as possible when you arrive at the funeral home, and the Virtual Tour allows you to become familiar with our surroundings.